Sidharth Baskaran


Hey, I'm Sid, an incoming computer science major at Georgia Tech. My interests lie in computer science and mathematics, but I've also found success in many hands-on engineering projects. In my free time, I enjoy working on Science Olympiad engineering builds, solving programming challenges, and cool math problems. You can reach out via email here.


Deep Plastic Surgery with GANs

I am extending a project of UT Austin's Visual Informatics Group to work on a novel dataset of children's monster sketches, with the goal of generating lifelike artwork.

Spacecraft Motion with Thrust Normal to Velocity

As part of a research internship at UT Austin's Aerospace Engineering department, I used numerical methods and Python/Octave scientific computing to solve and derive new transcendental equations describing spaceflight parameters.


Science Olympiad

Throughout high school, I've been heavily involved with Science Olympiad. My personal focus were engineering events, where the objective is to deploy a reliable physical solution to a challenging problem of many constraints.

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